Curriculum for Home Schooling

Drawn2Learn Is The Perfect
Home School Curriculum For Your Child

Drawn2Learn is the perfect program for moms, dads, grandparents and guardians who need to deliver a quality Early Childhood Educational Development Curriculum.

If you are choosing to teach your children from home, rather than sending them to daycare or preschool, then this program is for you. Home Schooling provides:


  • Academic flexibility
  • Parent choice of pace and approach.
  • Warm family environment.
  • Efficient learning.
  • Meaningful learning.
  • Drawn2Learn will empower you in offering your children high quality education at home, which will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

A Complete Education for Your Child

Whether you choose to educate from home for personal reasons, religious reasons or financial reasons, you do need to prepare your child with solid fundamentals.

A complete 10 month easy to follow and understand workbook curriculum allows you to know that you have done the best you can in getting your toddler or preschooler ready in their academic career.

The Drawn2Learn Home School program does not require any special rooms, equipment or technology. You do not need a degree in education. It includes all the materials we provide to Day Care Centers and Preschools, and all the materials our founders use in their preschool operation (with over 200 enrolled students).

The step-by-step lesson plan is a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly curriculum designed to meet or exceed the entrance levels required by public school in the United States.

Whether you intend to enroll your child in public school, private school or continue home school, the child’s foundation is essential.

The bridge into a public school requires children to identify and write numbers, letters sight words, shapes, and colors. This program specializes in these important areas. Even if you are home schooling through elementary, your child needs to be at these same levels. The Drawn2Learn program prepares them for this, giving them every advantage as they move forward.

Drawn2Learn Is Perfect For Home School Programs

Parents choose to home school for a wide range of personal reasons. You can now deliver a successful educational experience, eliminate the frustration of not knowing what material to focus on next, reduce the cost and headache of printing materials for your child on the home inkjet printer.

Drawn2Learn was developed by 2 private school owners with a combined 50 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development.

What Makes This Program Fun AND Successful

Our Early Childhood Educational curriculum is a system designed around specially manufactured dry erase workbooks.

This allows children to learn through practice and repetition without the fear of making a mistake.

When children write on paper and make a mistake, it is frustrating to cross it out, try to write again on the paper, or ask for a new piece of paper.

With our program, each page is a dry-erase sheet.

Rather than focusing on what they got wrong, they can now focus on getting it where they want it to be. When mistakes happen, they simply erase it and do it again. In the end, they have a page full of their work just the way they wanted it, building their confidence in learning.

As the adult, you can watch them progress through the lesson. With the Drawn2Learn curriculum, you specify which lessons to work on that day (and if they want to work on more, great!). Lessons are done repeatedly through the year, reinforcing the materials and helping to ensure they are learning what they need to learn.

As a parent, you can also see where they are struggling, and focus more attention on materials that help them through those issues.

The lessons are visually appealing, designed to help maintain the child’s focus, and to build their desire to learn!