3 Year Old & Pre-K Bundle for 25 students PLUS 25 Extra Dry Erase Workbooks and Parent Guides for Home Use


Offer the extra workbooks and Parent Guides to your families as a fundraiser for your school or day care

3 & 4 Year Old Children (Pre-K ) will use the same workbooks and Teacher Guides.  Teacher Guides will explain how 3 YO children concentrate on a bit less than is offered in the Lesson Plans and/or advanced 3 year olds may do the work provided for your PreK students.  Add as much or as little to this complete program depending on each child’s capability.

ADVANTAGE TO YOU?  You may re-use the Teacher Guides and Dry Erase Workbooks for several years without purchasing anything new.

25 –  Drawn2Learn Dry Erase Workbooks (for classroom use) Personalized with your Schools name on it if desired *extra cost may apply
25 – Additional  Dry Erase Workbooks (for home use) *Personalized with your Schools name on it! Promoting your business even more!
5 – Teacher Guides
25 – Parent Guides (a simpler guide to follow along with the teacher from home)
25 – All About Me Posters
25 – Preschool Memory Books
25 – Report Cards
25 – Preschool Diplomas

25 – 3 Year Old Drawn2Learn Dry Erase Workbooks (for classroom use)

These durable, 8 1/2 x 11, dry erase workbooks are filled with 10 months of lessons. Children may write, erase and re-write as often as they’d like. Schools may use these books for up to 3 years, making the cost as little as approximately $1,040.00 per year.


25 – Additional 3 Year Old Drawn2Learn Dry Erase Workbooks (for home use)

These durable, 8 1/2 x 11, dry erase workbooks are filled with 10 months of lessons. Children may write, erase and re-write as often as they’d like. Children tend to become less frustrated with themselves and build confidence, knowing that they can erase and try again. Homework is right at the parent’s fingertips.


5 – Teacher Guides

The Teacher Guide encompasses teaching children as a whole child. The guide engages teachers in a step by step 10 month curriculum on a monthly to weekly to daily basis.

The Teacher Guide includes:

  1. Room set up
  2. Time table of Schedule
  3. Songs and Fingerplays
  4. Craft Ideas
  5. Shapes and Colors – Writing and Recognition
  6. Letter Recognition and Writing lessons
  7. Weekly mindfulness exercises
    • Games, songs, breathing exercises
    • Self regulation skills for emotional growth.
    • Sharing techniques
    • Positive affirmations, Acceptance and Kindness crafts
  8. Science
    • Experiments, and Nature
  9. Suggested reads
  10. Holiday craft ideas, songs, finger plays and Games.
  11. Indoor and Outdoor Color Matching Games
  12. GAMES: All within the Children’s Drawn2Learn Dry Erase Workbooks and Teacher Guide.Children will use their fine and large motor skills to join in on fun games, mindfulness exercises, finger plays and math games.
  13. Sensory Wall and Bin Lessons
  14. Fire Safety lessons
  15. Dental Hygiene Lesson
  16. Spanish/English Speaking Lessons
  17. Earth Day Lesson
  18. Election Day Voting games and learning
  19. Party Ideas for almost any celebration
  20. Tips and Ideas for an Amazing Graduation or Moving Up Ceremony!


25 – Parent Guides

Parents receive the same durable dry erase workbooks as their child’s preschool.

Therefore, parents are able to see what their child is absorbing during the school day and what they may need extra help with at home. A close parent/teacher connection makes a wonderful experience for the children, teachers and the parents.


25 – All About Me Posters

Start the school year right with this adorable Drawn2Learn Professor Toby Turtle poster template. The poster prompts children to tell about themselves in words and pictures. Young learners have a blast by filling in their favorite things and adding pictures! It’s a great way to build self-esteem, and motivates a fun project for parents and children to do together. For use with Toddlers, Preschool age and Pre-k students. Poster Size 13″ x 19″.


25 – Preschool Memory Books

Memory Books – This absolutely precious 8 1/2 x 11 Preschool Memory book captures the essence of your class of little one’s year with adorable graphics, crafts and photos. This Preschool book showcases special memories from ‘Halloween’ to ‘Snack Time’ on a variety of layout designs. Personal quotes from the children are incorporated with an added adorable poem from teacher to complete this unique and timeless book.


25 – 3 Year Old Report Cards

2, 3 & 4 year – These 8 1/2 x 11 single fold report cards have been newly designed using current year standards for preschoolers. A group of educators, together, designed the adorable yet informative cards for teachers to discuss a child’s progress throughout the year. An additional space is available for teacher comments as well as suggested materials to practice at home.


25 – Preschool Diploma’s

Celebrate your child’s early learning! Recognize children’s first school experiences and give them a feeling of success. The charming designs with Professor Toby Turtle and personalized fill in messages celebrate children’s participation, accomplishments and completion.


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