Pre-K Learning Program

The Drawn2Learn Educational Series teaches Pre-K.

We help children learn in different areas of educational subjects, and help them achieve emotional and academic growth.

Children Using Drawn2Learn Embrace Learning

Children enrolled in the Drawn2Learn Educational Series will embrace letter writing and recognition, identify and write numbers and shapes. Children will learn their colors, along with fine motor skills with cutting, pasting and crafting. Daily Songs, finger plays and creative games and crafts is all part of the curriculum.

Our Drawn2Learn Series teaches children the tools necessary to focus, boost self-esteem, learn the power of choice, empathy, kindness and gratitude.

Mistakes Addressed With Positive Guidance Lead To Growth And Learning

Mistakes are a welcome developmental tool used and measured when incorporated with Drawn2Learn Educational Series. Useful techniques will be used as building blocks towards understanding how mistakes help us learn and how it becomes a healthy part of growing up.

Frustration-Free Way Learning & Growth

  • Children suffer with frustration when they make mistakes. Traditional paper learning amplifies this frustration, with them seeing their mistakes staring back at them. They scribble out words and pictures, throw out paper, frustrated by their challenges.
  • Each child can use a dry erase marker, crayon or pencil and simply wipe away any unwanted drawing and try again.
  • Children are often hard on themselves, thinking mistakes are a “bad thing”. Therefore, children writing on paper feel frustrated and upset with themselves when they do not like what they had written and need to ask for a new sheet of paper.
  • Our Drawn2Learn Dry Erase books allow children to learn without frustration.

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About the Authors

Gregg Lewis

Gregg Lewis


Mr Lewis’ career in Education starts in October 1989 as private Vocational School Owner. After 30 plus years of very successful development of curriculums for adults he has brought his vast knowledge to a youthful audience in the Drawn2Learn Educational Series.

His administrative duties included direct compliance with all requirements set forth by NY State Education Law as governed by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

His many expert years in the education field has affirmed the fundamental need of structural development for children during these important years.

Midge Leavey

Midge Leavey


Midge Leavey is a Preschool Owner and Operator for over 20 years. She has two boys of her own. Her passion is to help more preschools and daycares around the world educate children in this meaningful learning manner.

In April 2013, her children’s book, THE MISSING MOMMY CURE was published and released winning awards, receiving great reviews and shown on FOX5NewsDC, Fox 5NY and Push Pause Channel 1. Midge has been interviewed by Ernie Anastos, TV Legend, on FOX5NY in October 2014 for her expert advice on child anxiety as well as her many years of experience as an educator. She has been asked to do promo’s for local news stations, sharing her expert advice in parenting, mindfulness and teaching. Her latest news is the birth of her Preschool Curriculum, Drawn2Learn, which incorporates her mindful teachings paired with academics. Miss Midgies Preschool is the largest growing Preschool in Suffolk County, New York and continues to grow due to the wonderful combination of Mindful Education with Academics.

Midge’s passion is to help children even after preschool continues with her Mindful Education. She is currently teaching children ages 5 – 7 in a public school where a whopping 42 children registered for the after school Program. The release of a Mindful Education Drawn2Learn program will soon be available.

Watch this Video to Learn More About the Toddler Learning Program

What Others Say About the Drawn2Learn Series

Miss Midgie’s Drawn2Learn curriculum encompasses a full range of lessons for preschoolers: writing letters and numbers, recognizing sight words, practicing meaningful exercises that correlate to the letter and number of the week, and recognizing and affirming feelings in order to…
Sharon A. Cuff, LMSW

Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Health Technology and Management Stony Brook University 631-444-3242

Drawn2Learn is much more than an outstanding Preschool curriculum; it is a connection of curriculum and social emotional learning when partnered together enable children to grow academically and socially at a young age. Social-emotional learning (SEL), as defined
Soretta E. Ralph

Executive Director, Student Enrollment, School District of Lee County 2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33966 Office: 239-337-8307


What if I’m not happy with the book?

Please visit our Return Policies page for complete details.

What is the Purchase Process?

Simply visit the “Buy Now” links on this page and purchase the book online.

Does This Curriculum Cover the Full 10 Month School Year?

Yes, with extra added fill-in activities

Benefits of the Drawn2Learn
Pre-K Learning Program


Bi-Lingual Learning In The Drawn2Learn Program

Drawn2Learn incorporates Spanish words with fun games and interactive skills to learn a second language. Young children are ideal to learn the fundamentals of languages, and a little exposure at this age can make a tremendous difference.

Letters, Numbers, Sight Words, Shapes

Pre-K children learn how to begin recognizing and writing upper and lowercase letters, their own names, numbers, sight words, positive affirmations and shapes. Mindful exercises help children expand their focus and concentration while feeling mindful of others and the world around them.


Positive affirmations become a weekly part of the children’s learning encouraging children to feel good about themselves and others.


Drawn2Learn incorporates Spanish words with fun games and interactive skills to learn a second language.

Three-year old children learn how to begin recognizing and writing uppercase letters, their name, numbers and shapes.


Teacher’s Guides

Each Teacher guide will be used in conjunction with the children’s drawn2erase workbook.

Personalized Dry Erase Book For Each Child

Each child will have their own workbook and personalized name page that they can write, erase and re-write as many times as they’d like.

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Pre-K Learning Program Now

Pre-K Complete Learning System

The Drawn2Learn Pre-K Learning System is designed to help prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. It helps lay the foundation, building the fundamentals as well as a passion for learning.


  • Our proprietary dry erase system allows children to try, make mistakes and correct those mistakes without the frustration of work written on traditional paper.
  • Our complete system includes a year-long lesson plan for teachers, identifying the right lessons to use each day to achieve great progress.
  • The dry erase books avoid the expensive costs of paper, ink, toner and time required to download, print and distribute lesson plans on a daily basis.
  • Avoid waste caused by frustrated children who scribble out their work, tear up handouts or throw away paper, requiring additional printing and copies to be distributed.
  • With the parent and at-home student books, children can go home, share what they’ve learned and teach a lesson to their parents – reinforcing the lesson for the day!
  • Ultimately, we help build confidence and a passion for learning, setting them on the right path through elementary and beyond.