Mindfulness Program for Young Children

Are you a teacher for children Pre-k through 3rd grade excited about your role?

Did your class seem harder to manage than you expected?

Many teachers have an increased number of children coming to school with more emotional needs.

Children who may have behavioral problems often pose challenges for teachers. These students have more difficulty joining in on activities, sitting still, and getting along with others. This type of behavior can create chaos in the classroom.

Therefore, teachers are becoming stressed out and burnt out very quickly. Many teachers become so burnt out in their first few years of teaching, they are leaving their career for something else. This cycle not only effects the teachers, students and parents but it also effects the School Districts they work for. The cost of replacing teachers costs an alarming amount.

Help is on it’s way!

Studies have proven that teaching children mindfulness has helped create a more calming classroom as well as kinder children.

Our Drawn2Learn Mindfulness curriculum has an interactive approach. I have personally witnessed the transformation in many classrooms. Children became more aware of their peers feelings, were able to calm down their own stressful emotions, and join in and practice being present in the moment.

Although mindfulness has lessons of breathing techniques and visualization exercises it’s much more than that.

Children learn to pause before reacting, which creates less friction and less bullying. Drawn2Learn Mindfulness, includes fun games which teaches children to focus for longer amounts of time, actually retraining the brain.

For more information, please call 631-482-8400 or email: admin@drawn2learn.com or go to www.drawn2learn.com.

Together we can create a better world for teachers, their students and our families.