Learning Programs

No Copies, No Prep Work

Brought to you by One of Long Island, New Yorks MOST successful Preschools.

Proven by Teachers, Children and Parents to help children learn and grow.

All of the Drawn2Learn Learning Programs DO NOT REQUIRE dittos or copies to be made and little to no prep work for our teachers.

Drawn2Learn provides opportunities for children to actively use their senses, learn through repetitive speech building, sensory play, mindfulness, academics, writing, reading and creating.

Children will embrace letter writing and recognition, identify and draw shapes, numbers and pictures.

The Drawn2Learn teacher guide will help teachers direct the children with the tools necessary for further educational success and how to develop the skills of cutting, pasting and crafting.

Our Mindfulness portion of each lesson will allow children to develop the tools necessary to focus, boost self-esteem, learn the power of choice, empathy, kindness and gratitude.

This amazing way of teaching allows children to learn that making a mistake is how we all learn and grow.

Lessons incorporate STEAM into each lesson as well as fine and large motor skill development games.

Our Teacher Guides Include:

A complete 10 month Lesson Plan with EXTRA FILL-IN ACTIVITIES ALL YEAR LONG!

  1. Prepared Teacher Lesson plans
  2. Room set up guide
    1. Along with a time table of events
  3. Songs and Fingerplays
  4. Craft Ideas
  5. Shapes and Colors – Writing and Recognition
  6. Letter Recognition and Writing lessons
  7. Weekly mindfulness exercises
    1. Games, songs, breathing exercises
    2. Self regulation skills for emotional growth.
    3. Sharing techniques
    4. Positive affirmations, Acceptance and Kindness crafts
  8. Science
    1. Experiments, and Nature
  9. Suggested reads
  10. Holiday craft ideas, songs, finger plays and Games.
  1. Indoor and Outdoor Color Matching Games
  2. GAMES: All within the Children’s Drawn2Erase Workbooks and Teacher Guide.

    Children will use their fine and large motor skills to join in on fun games, mindfulness exercises, finger plays and math games.

  3. Sensory Wall and Bin Lessons
  4. Fire Safety lessons
  5. Dental Hygiene Lesson
  6. Spanish/English Speaking Lessons
  7. Earth Day Lesson
  8. Election Day Voting games and learning
  9. Party Ideas for almost any celebration
  10. Tips and Ideas for an Amazing Graduation or Moving Up Ceremony!