Spend Less, Teach More

How much money will my business save when incorporating this curriculum?

Preschools and Day Cares have saved thousands of dollars per MONTH using the Drawn2Learn Dry Erase Reusable system. Please see the comparison chart below. Remember, our Dry Erase Workbooks are durable and last 3 years with proper use.

In our chart below, the copy prices are for copies ONLY, while teachers would still have to provide their own lesson plans, unlike the Drawn2Learn Curriculum.

Do I have to pay the entire cost at once? No, you may be placed on a payment plan.

No, you may be placed on a payment plan.

Do I need to purchase any other materials for the children of my Day Care or Preschool?

As a Preschool Owner for 20 years, the minimal amount of supplies needed were placed on a supply list for the parent’s to donate. For instance, construction paper, children’s scissors, dry erase markers or crayons, and glue sticks.

How can my school EARN Revenue through the Drawn2Learn Curriculum?

Drawn2Learn has designed a Parent Guide to work alongside your Preschool or Day Care. Parent’s love the teacher/home connection. Children are eager to show their parents what they are learning in school and parents are equally excited to work with their child at home to understand how much their child is actually absorbing during their school day and what they may need extra help with at home. Therefore, we offer Day Care’s and Preschool’s a Parent Guide and an at home, children’s Drawn2erase workbook at a discounted rate. Schools and Day Care’s will easily be able to sell the at home books to their families at a profit.

Will I have to train a new teacher or substitute each time one of my teacher’s is absent?

No. The Teacher Guide is specifically designed for any teacher to easily follow. Each lesson is broken down by month’s, weeks and days.

How will the Drawn2Learn Curriculum save me time?

Whether you are printing copies in house or sending it out to be copied, this takes time, money and patience. With the Drawn2Learn curriculum, you will no longer have to make worksheets, lesson plans or find a craft to go along with your lesson.

How does the Drawn2Learn Curriculum increase student enrollment at my Preschool or Day Care?

Drawn2Learn curriculum is. As a parent myself, I know how much we all worry about our children. Children suffer from anxieties just as much as adults do. Therefore, having mindfulness within our curriculum helps put parent’s at ease. Mindfulness has become a growing interest in our world today. As a Mindful Educator, I have helped children focus for longer amounts of time, decrease stress and anxiety as well as boost self esteem and empathy.

Therefore, Drawn2Learn takes care of children’s emotional well being as well as their academic success.


I am a new teacher, will Drawn2Learn explain how to set up my room and get me started?

The Drawn2Learn Lesson Plan starts with a step by step instruction on how to set up your room, how to begin each lesson and how to interact with the children.

Is there any teacher charts available for the classroom?

Yes. We have created a simple teacher bundle package for your convenience. This bundle includes:

  • Monthly Parent Newsletters
  • Weather Chart
  • Dress Toby the Turtle for the weather
  • Turtle Take Away Math Game – with numbers
  • Days of the Week Chart
  • Date Chart

The following is already part of the Curriculum Package:

  • All About Me Posters
  • Report Cards
  • Preschool Memory Books
  • Preschool Diploma’s

Will my students be well prepared to enter the Public School System?

Absolutely! Drawn2Learn exceeds all Preschool Standards in all states and will have your students emotionally, physically and mentally prepared. Please see our professional testimonials.

Will I need a lot of lesson prep time?

Not at all. All of the lesson planning is done for you. You will have little to no prep time, allowing more time to interact and teach the children.

Drawn2Learn Positively Impacts All Aspects Of Learning

The Drawn2Learn Learning System helps children from toddler age to pre-K prepare for kindergarten age learning and beyond.

The system not only teaches the core skills, but builds confidence and a real joy for learning.

We remove the frustration and any negative emotions associated with making mistakes. We encourage children to learn by trying, making mistakes and trying again. Our unique learning system educates and prepares children for the years ahead!

  • Letter Recognition: 100% 100%
  • Number Recognition: 100% 100%
  • Shape Recognition: 100% 100%
  • Social Emotional Learning: 100% 100%
  • Mindfulness Training: 100% 100%
  • Confidence & Love of Learning: 100% 100%

Hear From Our Founders

Please watch the video to the right and hear directly from our founders. Learn what we offer, why these educators with 20+ years experience each developed this system, and how it can help you.

The program is a true win in all ways:


  • Children love to learn without fear
  • Children learn valuable skills for their emotional well-being
  • Teachers spend more time teaching, less time preparing
  • Teachers deliver consistent results
  • Operators reduce costs and overhead
  • Operators open new revenue streams
  • Everyone helps protect the environment, reducing paper and ink usage, reducing their carbon footprint!