About Drawn2Learn

The Perfect Curriculum for Pre-K, Nursery Schools,
Daycare and Home Schooled Children

Drawn2Learn provides children the same feeling of success, and pride, just like the first time you flew a kite.

Remember how you would try over and over again until that kite was sailing high in the sky?

Our Drawn2Learn dry erase workbooks allow children to try over and over again, creating that same feeling of pride when they successfully write letters, numbers, shapes, sight words, and sentences.

Nowadays, we look at the world as a whole, just as children need to develop as a whole.

Outdated educational principles and teachings do not offer the necessary tools to early childhood development in the current year.

For instance, we no longer drive cars or travel the same way as we did in the 1900’s, why do we continue to educate preschoolers in ways that were developed in 1907?

Drawn2Learn understands how society, the world, and the development of a child has drastically changed. Therefore, using Mindfulness techniques as the base or our program, allowing children to learn more while protecting themselves emotionally.

Mindfulness allows children to be more open to learning, trying new things, tasting different foods, and making new friends.

Let’s face it, the world is filled with all sorts of people. As a teacher, I’ve witnessed children as young as 3, saying hurtful things to their peers or leaving others out.

Mindfulness helps children understand that we can’t control everyone else, but we CAN control how we internalize the way people treat us. This method of teaching will help children their entire lives, building themselves up, not judging themselves or others, being open to making mistakes, not feeling embarrassed or self inflicting negative emotions upon themselves.

It’s time to help children learn in the world in which they live in.

Drawn2Learn is the answer to developing children as a whole with age-appropriate learning and self awareness.