In a recent Newsletter and social media post sent out by Drawn2Learn, we asked the question, What is your TOP 5 necessities , in order,  to run a successful Early Childhood Learning Center.  We had many answers throughout the United States.  However the top 5, in order of importance, were as follows:

  1. Hiring an amazing Staff
  2. An Organized Curriculum
  3. Quality Insurance
  4. Book Keeping Service
  5. Cameras and Security

Some other answers were:

6.  Staff Training

7.  Software

8.  Quality equipment and toys

9.  Building relationships with parents

10.  Motivating Staff and Creating a joyful atmosphere.

As you can see, it is tough to just pick 5.  As I read down towards the bottom, #9 jumped out at me.  Building trusting relationships with parents.   In my opinion, this is key.  Without Trusting parents, there won’t be any children.

Here are some tips of how to build a trusting relationship with your families by using the TOP 5 answers.

As a small business owner, you have an advantage when it comes to building customer rapport. The size of your company allows you to reach people at a more personal level than big businesses, which turns into stronger relationships with customers.

Here are five ways to build customer relationships and keep them coming back.

1. Communicate. – Hiring an Amazing Staff

As a key to any good relationship, communication is an essential way to build your relationships.  Find out what your customers need, then show them that you have a solution to their problem.  Allow your team of educators to help families with any concerns or questions.

2.  Exceed Expectations – An Organized Curriculum

Your customers expect great products and services from you. You should continue to raise the bar on what your Preschool or Day Care offers.

When you impress customers, they keep coming back.

To exceed customer expectations, it’s a good idea to understand and present a curriculum that the children enjoy and continue to learn new skills.  When parents see samples of a well organized curriculum, they feel confident that their child is in good hands and trust that their child will be well prepared for kindergarten.

3.  Safety – Quality Insurance

Parents feel more secure knowing that your center has insurance.  If you have insurance but never had to use it, I would certainly mention this.  This gives any parent the security of knowing you are safety conscious center who is also responsible.

4.  Billing and Tuition  – Book Keeping Services

The most basic purpose for a sales invoice is to keep a record of the sale. It provides a way to track the date, how much money was paid and any outstanding debt. The invoice is an invaluable tool for accounting.

5.  Cameras and Security

Camera’s guarantee more safety for the kids and require staff to observe the rules closely.  However, this can be a double edged sword.  Look for a future blog and why camera’s may not be a good idea in your center.

So maybe it is time to reevaluate your staff, look into a new curriculum, confirm your insurance, find the perfect fit for your billing needs and add those cameras.

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