Rapid Development of Toddlers-Reaching Milestones and Easing Transitions

So many changes occur in your child during the toddler years. It seems as though every day, there is something new happening. Whether it is the achievement of a new milestone or a sudden change in what you thought was predictable behavior, these years are filled with excitement (and sometimes anxiety) for you, your children, and students.

Our Drawn2Learn curriculum is designed to help early childhood educators and parents foster a positive learning experience for their pre-k students and children. In addition to providing materials to learn preschool basics like colors and cutting, Drawn2Learn teaches children important tools such as increasing focus, expressing empathy, developing mindfulness, and self-esteem. Our programs are designed to reduce frustration and provide a healthy way for children to make mistakes. By doing these things, children are free to learn and grow with less anxiety.

Toddlers and preschoolers develop at such a rapid rate that it is easy to lose track of their progress. Parents and educators need to pay attention to some of the expectations and accomplishments that are part of the life of your 2-3-year old children and students. Drawn2Learn can help the toddlers in your life transition through toddlerhood and accomplish these milestones with success.

What Are Some Milestones to Expect By Age Three?

There are strong indications that most toddlers will be hitting the following milestones by or around age three:

  • Getting dressed – by age three, most kids can dress themselves in basic, uncomplicated clothing (such as pants, shirts, and shoes with no ties, buttons, or zippers).
  • Feeding themselves – by this time, toddlers should be able to feed themselves, often with a fork or spoon. Drinking from a regular cup is also typical.
  • Potty training – your child must be ready for potty training to be a success. By age three, your child should have an interest in getting out of diapers and using the potty.
  • Having playdates and making friends
  • Starting group activities such as sports, art classes, swim lessons, or dance
  • Doing chores – having some responsibility around the house-age appropriate, do-able tasks.
  • Following simple directions and making choices
  • Sleeping soundly – it is normal for toddlers to try to get rid of nap time. However, consider retaining a period of rest or quiet time.
  • Developing language skills
  • Reducing or managing tantrums

Drawn2Learn Curriculum Provides Tools for Success

There are various ways to help toddlers reach these milestones, and Drawn2Learn is here to help. We offer preschool owners, teachers, and home-schooling parents all the tools necessary to provide young children with well-rounded, meaningful, and socially-responsible educational experiences. Drawn2Learn paves the way for success in kindergarten and beyond.

For more information about how our program can help you in your preschool, daycare, or home, call Drawn2Learn at [phone] or visit our website at www.drawn2learn.com.