I never thought becoming a mom would someday help me run a business. I remember feeling frazzled, second guessing myself, loving this little human more than life itself and beating myself up when I felt I made a mistake.

Motherhood is quite an adjustment. However, now looking back 25 years when my babies were first born, I see how the experience of Motherhood helped me more than any other “job” I had in the past.

I am now a successful entrepreneur. I own and run my own preschool for over 20 years, Mindful Educator Teacher and Trainer, Children’s book author and Curriculum Creator.

I decided to write this article after one of my good friends went back to college, at the ripe old age of 54, and the professor gave out an assignment. The question was “How did your previous jobs impact where you are today?”

I found this question fascinating as I thought about my past and how I grew into the person I am today. I listed all the jobs I had as a young adult and thereafter. I listed working at a fast food restaurant, movie theater, sales, computers and secretarial jobs. It didn’t occur to me right away to think of Motherhood as a “job”.

I couldn’t put my finger on how many of the skills I accumulated over the working years helped me all that much today. Yes, I learned how to answer phones, talk to people, organize my desk, make appointments, and type faster. Most of the jobs I had, I enjoyed.

All of my jobs were the type of job that I didn’t have to think about once I left the office. I didn’t have to plan my next move, or brainstorm ideas. I literally just had to show up, perform the duties I was asked to do and go home.

Motherhood on the other hand is a job full of surprises. First of all, you can’t quit. It is a 24 hour job, you learn to “work” without sleep and are now responsible for another life. Parenting is full of lessons, mistakes, solutions, asking for help and learning.

Finally, I sat down and happily reminisced about my years of raising my children. Therefore, if you are in the midst of a sleep deprived, crazy whirlwind of a job called motherhood, keep in mind the lessons you will also gain throughout the years.

Lessons gained through Motherhood:

  • I learned how to prepare and organize.
    • Slowly but surely every mom learns what they will need on a day out with their infant, toddler or young child.
    • Drinks, snacks, change of clothes, baby wipes, toys, etc.
  • I learned how to speak up
    • Even the shyest of moms learn how to speak up for their child when they feel the need.
    • The practice of speaking up for others will later help you speak up for yourself.
  • I learned how to go with the flow
    • All mom’s learn that even the most thought out, planned event will have many unpredictable moments and changes to it.
  • I learned to Brain Storm
    • I joined mom groups for a bit of sanity, however, these meetings became a venting session and discussions of problems and solutions.
  • I learned how to juggle a few things at a time.
    • In business you may have to answer the phone, greet a customer and finish typing all at the same time.
  • I learned how to make mistakes and figure out a better way
    • As a new mom, you are bound to make mistakes, however, we also tend to learn from those mistakes and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Lastly, enjoy being a mom for a while. Although it doesn’t feel like it, you are building skills that will help you later on. Your journey will soon become your path.