A Day in The Life of a Pre-School Director

Relaxing? Easy? Quiet? Maybe not!

These are not necessarily the first words that come to mind when thinking about working in a pre-school or daycare filled with kids under the age of 5. Being the director of a preschool or daycare center, whether it is privately owned, part of a franchise, or federally sponsored program, is hard work. But, it can also be rewarding, especially when you know that you are helping shape the lives of so many young people.

Directors are responsible for most of, if not all, the day-to-day operations of their facility. This includes managing budgets and finances, overseeing the building and grounds, and supervising staff. Directors also must deal with issues brought to them by parents and staff. Directors don’t usually get involved in the minutiae of what goes on in the classrooms. But, it is the director’s job to set educational standards in the program and ensure everyone is following them. Directors must ensure the teachers are trained to use and are equipped with the materials and tools necessary to succeed.

Deciding to become a preschool or daycare director is an important one. Many children and their parents rely on you to maintain a facility that is secure, safe and provides outstanding educational and social opportunities. If you are considering this line of work, here is a look at what a day in the life of a pre-school director might look like:

Early Morning

  • Hold meetings with parents or staff before the official start of the day
  • Greet the children and parents as they arrive
  • Make sure teacher/child ratios are adhered.
  • Call in a substitute teacher if anyone is absent


  • Perform administrative responsibilities
  • Work on financial matters
  • Work on maintenance issues
  • Handle disciplinary problems or issues in classrooms
  • Make calls
  • Address parental concerns via phone or email
  • Give tours to potential clients


  • Lunch is often used for “face-time,” being visible to the children, staff, and parents is important
  • Conduct meetings with staff, parents, vendors


  • Professional development of staff
  • Meetings with parents
  • Administrative duties
  • Dismiss students
  • Create a Calendar of Events
  • Prepare and book Fundraisers and Field Trips

After School/Evenings

  • Check and respond to emails from teachers and parents
  • Make phone calls to respond to parent concerns
  • Review lesson plans and teacher performance

Being a Pre-School Director is a Challenging Full-Time Job

As you see, being a pre-school director or daycare director is a full-time job that entails and requires you to fulfill many essential responsibilities. When children are under your supervision, it is imperative that you are present, involved, and in command of your caregivers. You are the person ultimately responsible for the care and education provided.

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