1. Choose the right colors.

When we think of a children’s preschool classroom, we think of bright, vibrant colors. However, shades of blue are best for promoting soothing feelings. Soothing colors are known to have an impact on children in the following ways:

  • Improved emotional development
  • Increase in children sharing and co-operating
  • Noise levels are decreased
  • Children found it easier to organize their own thoughts.
  • Tension and aggression were reduced
  • Babies slept more easily and peacefully
  • A calmer, happier and more relaxed environment was created!

2. Choose a scent.

Children are known to sleep better and calm themselves easier with the scent of lavender.

3. Remove any action or fighting figures from the toy area.

Children tend to heighten their excitability and play rough with action figures. Therefore, removing these types of toys and replacing them with blocks, books, or puzzles helps decrease any chance of rough play.

4. Play calming background music during the day.

Children’s mindfulness music can be found on YouTube and promotes a calming sensation and pleasant feeling.

Last but not least…

5. Allow children time to choose their own activities during table top time.

Arrange a different activity at each table. One table for Play Doh, another table for markers and stickers and a third table for cutting and pasting. Children find it invigorating to choose their activity and teacher’s allow children to choose any 3 activities that are all calming.