About Drawn2Learn

The Drawn2Learn system uses proven and proprietary systems to help educate children consistently, reduce the frustration of making mistakes and reduces the costs of operating your school or daycare!

Watch children react to our educational system, leveraging dry erase technology in the books themselves. Mistakes are no longer a frustration – just wipe away and try again. No more crumpled pages; eliminate wasted paper, ink and toner; spend more time on children and less time at the printer!

Drawn 2 Learn Helps Toddlers, 3 Year Olds, Pre-K Students – and Teachers!


3 Years Old



Professional Evaluations

Miss Midgie’s Drawn2Learn curriculum encompasses a full range of lessons for preschoolers: writing letters and numbers, recognizing sight words, practicing meaningful exercises that correlate to the letter and number of the week, and recognizing and affirming feelings in order to…
Sharon A. Cuff, LMSW

Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Health Technology and Management Stony Brook University 631-444-3242

Drawn2Learn is much more than an outstanding Preschool curriculum; it is a connection of curriculum and social emotional learning when partnered together enable children to grow academically and socially at a young age. Social-emotional learning (SEL), as defined
Soretta E. Ralph

Executive Director, Student Enrollment, School District of Lee County 2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33966 Office: 239-337-8307

Why Choose Drawn2Learn?

Best Curriculum in the US

We’ve spent years developing the perfect curriculum for toddlers to Pre-K, focused on the learning skills that position them for a lifetime of success. We closely monitor state guidelines and help ensure that children are prepared when they reach kindergarten.

Year Long Curriculum

One of the biggest challenges for Pre-K, nursery schools, daycare and home schooling is to develop a daily lesson plan. Our programs include a complete year long lesson plan! Our educational materials include reusable dry erase books that allow lessons to be repeated throughout the year, without expensive paper, ink and environmental impact.

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

Children are often frustrated with learning as they get things wrong. A red “X” is emotionally challenging for many children, and the permanence of it on paper can cause outbursts, sadness and even depression. With our unique dry erase system, children can be shown mistakes, simply wipe them out and do the task again. Rather than a frustration, it gamifies learning, encouraging them to keep going until they get it right!

Lower Costs, Environmentally Friendly

The learning materials pay for themselves with the savings in paper, toner, ink cartridges and time spent printing lessons. The books can last 3+ years and be reused by other students. Best of all, it lowers the carbon footprint of all, drastically reducing the amount of paper wasted!

Drawn2Learn Cost Savings for Schools and Parents

Save Time and Money: As Preschool Owners for 20 Years, We Tried Everything to Save on Printing Costs

We developed the Drawn2Learn system to overcome many of the challenges we faced in our school.

With 200 children, challenges are magnified. The costs, time and effort to prepare material really add up. When you crunch the numbers per-child, you’d be shocked at the true costs!

The Drawn2Learn system addresses these challenges and more! Read on…


Staples Print Center - DIY

Each month we would literally drive to Staples and copy the papers for the children to use for their lesson plans. This was expensive in time, the cost of the copies, sorting and organizing materials into daily lesson plans, and distributing to teachers. Invariably we would miss a few and need to repeat the process.

Print Duplication Services to Have Copies Prepared

This saved us the time of making the copies ourselves, but I still required travel to and from the facility and incurred higher printing costs.

Purchased Our Own Copy Machine

We purchased our own copier (an expensive lease), ordered paper to be delivered, and made our own in house copies. Toner is extremely costly, and the process was time consuming. The expenses were not going away!

Teachers Making Copies

Using our copier, teachers began making their own copies for the children. This took time away from their teachings, we of course paid them for their time, and we still incurred the expensive cost of a photocopier and supplies.

Wasted Paper

When children made a mistake, they would cry and crumple up their papers. They would be upset with themselves and now the teacher would have to run out of the room to make another copy for the child. They would them spend time dealing with the child, helping them recover from the emotional outburst.

Spend Quality Time Educating

With the Drawn2Learn system, you are ready every day with a curriculum, materials, activities and more. Build confidence in children, foster a desire to learn and watch them succeed!
There had to be a better way!

Finally, we sat down and figured out how much we were spending per month in paper, toner, teacher time. With a preschool of 200 children, we were spending about $10 per student per month! That’s about $80-90 per student per year!

That’s when the vision for Drawn2Learn came to life! A reusable dry erase workbook for the children literally saves me thousands per year, gives teachers more time with students, and drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the school. Frustration has been reduced by 90%, and students enjoy learning more.

A complete win!

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Drawn2Learn Has a Positive Impact
on Children & the Teaching Environment

Children Love It!

Children no longer cry or get upset if they make a “mistake”. They love learning letters, numbers, and shapes with the easy to trace and erase system. Children find it fun to erase and are encouraged to try again.

Drawn2Learn is filled with fun, interactive learning games, finger plays, songs, math games, crafts and experiments that the children just love!

Academics Paired with Mindfulness

When you pair academics with mindfulness children feel more confident and good about themselves. They try more things, make mistakes without fear, learn to control their actions and focus for longer amounts of time.

As a Mindful Educator, I have seen children go from throwing tantrums to being able to calm themselves down, focus for longer periods of time and have fun learning the mindfulness techniques that are within the Drawn2Learn’s 10 month Curriculum Guide.

Teachers Appreciate All the Benefits Drawn2Learn Has to Offer

  • No more Lesson Prep Time – everything teachers need is in the 10
  • Month Teacher Guide
  • Children learn techniques of how to calm themselves down, share with others and focus allowing for a smooth running class
  • No more running to a copy machine
  • Drawn2Learn allows teachers the ease to pick up where another teacher left off, in case a teacher has an emergency and needs to leave